About Us

‘Preparing Our Children For Success’

Crossbasket Nursery School is the start of a new journey for us. It is the result of many years of visualising and planning. Driven by our vision to create the perfect environment for the learning and development of children at the most important time of their lives to enable them to reach their maximum potential, whatever they do and wherever they go. Our future relies on the skills and abilities of our children.

Throughout life, preparation is everything. Preparing your child to have many choices and to achieve outstanding success whatever they chose to do is an exciting and challenging prospect. It requires dedication to explore the needs, wishes and ambitions of every single family with respect to their child’s development from a very early age and to ensure these are recognised and delivered within The Nursery Schools curriculum.

Early years development is the building block of life. If delivered correctly, it will provide your child with a strong set of social and physical skills on which to build, accelerating their progression through their further education and into the wider world. If delivered poorly, it can set your child’s development back.

Every day, we are all made aware of the increasing challenges throughout the world. Achieving success is becoming more difficult. We need to ensure that we provide our children with the best preparation possible. At Crossbasket Nursery School your child will be in safe hands. We are completely dedicated to helping every child achieve their full potential so that they may look back on a successful life knowing that The Nursery School made a significant contribution.

That is our Aim. That is our Mission. That is our Vision. We would be delighted if you would join us on this exciting adventure ...the journey begins in August 2014.

Steve and Alison Timoney
Crossbasket Nursery School