The Nursery School staff are highly trained and knowledgeable in using the Scottish Governments Curriculums:

  • Pre-Birth to Three
  • Curriculum for Excellence

And South Lanarkshire Council's guidance for staff working with under threes:

  • Together We Can...

Pre-Birth to Three

For children under three, staff use the ‘Pre-Birth to Three’ document as the curriculum to plan individual learning. This curriculum has four key principles:

  • Rights of the Child.
  • Relationships
  • Responsive Care
  • Respect

Staff are responsible for ensuring these four principles are implemented throughout the day through practice and activity. More information about the ‘Pre-Birth to Three’ document can be found on the display board in the main hallway, or on the LT Scotland website.

Together We Can...

The main aspects of Together we Can are: 

  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Emotional and Spiritual Wellbeing
  • Social Competence
  • Physical Competence 
  • Cognitive Competence

These main aspects of development will inevitably have connections to the four capacities and curriculum area headings of "A Curriculum for Excellence 3 to 18".

Curriculum for Excellence

For Pre-school children staff use the ‘Curriculum for Excellence’ to plan experiences and outcomes for individual children to help them develop into Successful Learners, Confident Individuals, Effective Contributors and Responsible Citizens. Staff have a focus on the three national priorities – Literacy, Numeracy and Health and Wellbeing but also promote the development and progression in Technology, Expressive Arts, Science, Social Studies and Religious Education.

The curriculum for excellence in Nursery School is an ‘early’ level stage which continues with the child into their primary education. Staff at Crossbasket Nursery School will work very closely with the local Primary Schools to ensure all children are able to progress with ease and confidence into their Primary education.


The Nursery School promotes literacy in all areas within their classrooms. In reading and listening, children have the opportunity to explore all types of books and print. The materials provided would include fiction, nonfiction, newspapers, magazines, leaflets, books in various languages and picture books for younger children. Listening centres are available where children can listen to stories and sounds.

In writing and mark-making children are provided with opportunities to develop writing skills, these include pens, pencils, crayons, markers and an abundance of paper materials of different sorts. Children also use Playdoh and cutters, chalk and boards, magnetic letters and alphabet cards and games.

Children Will


At the Nursery, numeracy is embedded into all curricular areas to encourage children’s abilities in, and understanding of number and mathematics. Children learn through active and purposeful play to develop problem solving capabilities.

Children will:

  • Understand and develop their skills of counting.
  • Recognise and identify basic shapes.
  • Use weights and measures in a variety of ways eg cooking, baking and estimating.

Health and Wellbeing

The Nursery Schools aim is to ensure staff and parents are promoting and maintaining all children’s health and wellbeing needs emotionally, physically and mentally.

Children will:

  • Develop awareness of what they need to do to keep healthy and active
  • Understand healthy and unhealthy foods
  • Improve their physical wellbeing
  • Know who to talk to when they are worried about something
  • Know about people in the community who can help them
  • Be able to discuss and identify their feelings
  • Be able to risk assess a situation


The Nursery School has invested in the latest technology with state of the art Smart Panels. This technology can be found in the Beautiful Butterflies and Busy Bees classrooms where the children are starting to develop basic ICT skills. All classrooms have access to iPads and iMac computers for children and staff. These iPads will provide for the online learning journals, which staff will complete with the children.

Expressive Arts

At the Nursery School children are encouraged to be creative and expressive through expressive arts. Expressive arts covers the child’s development in: Art & Design and Music & Drama. The Busy Bees classroom is fully resourced to allow children free reign to explore with all aspects of expressive arts through both play and planned experiences.


The Busy Bees have lots of educational science resources to keep the minds of the children challenged at all times, providing opportunities for problem solving. Children are encouraged to explore science experiences through natural play however staff will provide more in depth science experiments as planned learning experiences to ensure the children take away the correct knowledge and also to control risk factors.

Social Studies

Children at the Nursery School are encouraged to become involved with the local community through projects and events. Children will learn about different people in the community, their job roles and responsibilities. There will be opportunities to have ‘pen pals’ with children in other countries through ‘citizenship’ projects.

Religious Education

Crossbasket Nursery School promotes inclusion and equal opportunities and welcomes all children to celebrate and learn about different religions and cultures. Staff will promote these through celebrations and events. More information about the ‘Curriculum for Excellence’ document can be found on the Nursery School display board in the main hallway, or on the LT Scotland website.

Online Learning Journeys and Individual Plans

Crossbasket Nursery School will be using online learning journals, which allow parents to have individual log in passwords to view their child’s profile at any time. Learning journals are kept for every child regardless of age, stage and ability. These allow staff and parents to view the child’s achievements, milestones and goals. The child’s key person updates the learning journal as the child progresses through the Nursery School.

Crossbasket Nursery School positively encourage parents to look through the learning journey on a regular basis, and are welcome to discuss the content with staff. To assist children who require additional support the following plans are put in place.

• Additional Support Plans (ASP’S)

• Coordinated Support Plans (CSP’S)

These are the child’s individual support plans where the Nursery School will work alongside families and external agencies as required to ensure these plans are met.