Crossbasket Nursery EntranceCrossbasket Nursery School is located in the historic area of Stoneymeadow, High Blantyre within the Crossbasket Estate.

Crossbasket Castle, the main building within this grand estate is possibly the oldest building in this area, dating back to around 1560. It has been the private home of many famous people including Charles Mackintosh, the inventor of the famous Mackintosh raincoat ‘The Mac’, created right here on the estate in the mill behind the Castle.

To celebrate this important part of the history of the estate, all of our children can be provided with their own ‘Little Mac’ to protect them from inclement weather whilst engaging in outdoor learning.

Crossbasket Nursery School is located within the grounds of the estate near to the main entrance. It is a purpose built nursery, incorporating the best design and practices from a range of leading childcare facilities across the world. There are many features of this facility that set Crossbasket Nursery School apart:

  • CCTV throughout car park and entrance areas.
  • High level security entrance including dedicated gate, extensive car park and secure reception which requires interaction and clearance from Nursery School staff before accessing the building.
  • Leading edge solatube sun lights that ‘grab’ natural light and distribute it throughout the building providing an open and welcoming ambience.
  • Dedicated settling in room to allow children to adapt to their new environment at their own pace.
  • Viewing windows into the classrooms to allow children to be viewed whilst in their learning environment without being disturbed or distracted.
  • Large, bright Classrooms for all age groups with fun names such as

    Cute Caterpillars, Clever Crickets, Beautiful Butterflies, Busy Bee 1, Busy Bee 2 and Busy Bee 3 that have direct access to their own outdoor learning area at all times.

  • Discreet CCTV in every classroom to assist management in monitoring of your childs care and progress at all times.
  • Classrooms that feature the latest Smart Panels for a fully interactive teaching and learning experience. These Smart Panels can be accessed directly by groups of children for a number of activities making it fun and exciting whilst teaching key computer and presentation skills.
  • A dedicated kitchen where all food is prepared and cooked on site by a fully qualified chef. The menus have been designed by a leading chef to provide both healthy and tasty eating options suitable for all of the Nursery Sch• ools children.
  • A dedicated dining room to ensure the Nursery Schools children enjoy their food in suitable environment whilst learning the corr• ect etiquette.
  • The Nursery School has chosen to adopt an Apple Mac policy where all technology based learning is achieved using the latest Apple technology including iM• acs and iPads.
  • High and low level windows to the outside to allow the children to look directly outside without the assistanc• e of an adult.
  • An extensive outdoor teaching facility in a garden setting that is comprehensively resourced to provide a huge variety of learning opportunities whether they are Little Ladybirds, Cute Caterpillars, Beautiful Butterflies or Busy Bees.
  • Extensive natural woodland surroundings with manicured gardens and many specimen plants from around the world set against the background of the historic 16th Century Castle.
  • Located with easy access to the main routes and motorways whilst enjoying the privacy of a large private estate.